Before you scheduling a phone or video conference with a potential franchisee, there are some facts you should determine before advancing to the next stage. When you receive a franchise inquiry, the potential franchisee lists key information that can assist with the screening process. The franchise inquiry form may include information about financial status, location of interests, and career goals. Prospect Verify can facilitate with filtering good and bad leads out of your system to help you save time and reduce the chances of you bringing on the wrong franchisee.

  • Criminal background checks
  • Property Owner Verification
  • Reverse Phone Look-Up

Our Process

Prospect Verify

A potential franchisee sends an email from a franchise lead site requesting more information on your franchise.

You review the information to determine if the location is right for your franchise. Then you begin screening the prospective franchisee.

Prospect Verify

Prospect Verify

Once you have received the information, then you can decide if you want to engage with an introductory call. By having this information available anytime and anywhere, we believe this will truly help increase the quality of your franchisees.

Why Franchises Love Prospect Verify

In 3 simple steps, The Franchise Sale Team can look up prospective franchisees to determine their criminal history, liens, judgments, and bankruptcies. This will provide more awareness to the Franchisor before scheduling a call with someone that might not fit their ideal franchisee.