Real Estate

Real Estate Professionals/Realtors

In a high-pressure environment with competition all around, it’s easy to move quickly with prospective buyers/sellers. It’s time to verify prospects in order to protect you and your firm.

Services Include:

  • Criminal background checks
  • Property Owner Verification
  • Reverse Phone Look-Up (Unlimited with Subscription Plan)

Our Process

Prospect Verify

A Prospective buyer or seller contacts you to meet at a property.

You take down the information and start your due diligence process.

Prospect Verify

Prospect Verify

Once you have received the criminal history screening and other key indicators, it’s time to make a timely decision by consulting with a colleague or your broker.

Why Real Estate Agents Love Prospect Verify

In 3 simple steps, Real Estate Agents can look up prospective buyers or sellers to determine their criminal history and verify property ownership. This will provide more awareness to real estate agents before agreeing to meet the prospective buyer or seller.